Monday, July 7, 2008

Today was monday..suppose to wake up at 7.15 a.m. wan..but den i say okay larr sleep 5 more minutes da end woke up at 7.38 a.m. den went to shower and brush teeth..after tat change den ate breakfast..went down to kum fong's hse to do seni project..went there i saw kugan, ann gie, wey yinn, and of course kum fong..deborah haven came yet tat time..she was da last to come..rajvin and julian cant come..den we continue wif da project..half way doin da project..we ate chocolate and listen to songs through kum fong's new home theate system..we were havin fun all a while..den after tat we pack up and get ready to go to skul..went in da bus den they say eyy ? later u 2 go hide[me and kugan] den u 2 go scare rozenn okay ? say ann gie and rachel shan ? den when rozenn came in da bus kugan like jakoon like tat ran there den shout at her ? zzz..lolss..jakoon rite ? reach skul b4 leavin da bus ann gie say 'say ty to da bus driver' den we say ty to da bus driver..went in skul as usual walk around and hang out at da table in front of da toilet[boys]..lols..den nicole denise and marianne chin came to skul beremo-ing[marianne] and sick[nicole(fever i think)]..den all da ppl surround them askin wat happen..zzz..den in da end went to kh for boys..den no science too..yeepee..we have like 4 free period except for da cb period coz of a kounseling teacher kounsel them..lols..den perhimpunan at badminton class got class terBERSIH again..lols..hahas..class terkotor was 2 lili but they werent so dirty but still dirty..dunno wat am i tokin..lols..hahas..tats it for now..lazy to write liao summore mum wanna use da comp liao..zzz..buhbuaiix..<33>

Sry Guys I Dun Simply Link ?

Sry guys i dun simply link 1 by 1..if i link is 1 shot all wan..coz im actually kinda dunno anythin except for postin post nia ? da link is all my lovely fren marianne chin help me link sry if i eva link u late ? hahas..stupid rite me ? coz ppl dunno how to teach so cant teach me link..sob sob..i very suck at all tis wan..lols..sry is all i can say ? <33>

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Today is sunday..mum blaberring coz i hav been playin da comp for friday nite till she keep on scoldin like no body business ? lols..waked up at 11 sumthin on9 at bout 11.30 after brushin my marianne chin in msn..called her at saturday nite den we promise each other to wake up at 11 like tat..den so on9 bout 12..but we went on9 weekends..dagonms kinda whole day..but not more den 5 hours i in dagonms is currently broke wif less den 100m..zzz..dun wanna toke bout it..lols..hahas..kinda miss my blog..and when i go check ppl been sayin tat why i neva update my blog so i decided to update it..zzz..have to go for now..buhbuaiix guys..will blog everyday if free..<333

Sorry Guys For Slackin So Long ?

Hey guys..sry for slackin so u see its half dead liao..but im gonna rescue it frm da now currently kinda updatin it by postin more post..crappin more in life is currently busy by da stupid dagonms..onli maplers will noe wats tat ? im bak..ill try to blog everyday..kay guys..<333 u guys ?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday At Sunway..

Today was saturday..went sunway saw the 3rd national figure skating championship competition skaters weii..all oso very very da gud lerh..even sum small kids oso skate very well..i was so shock to see a like 3 years old gurl[i think]skating well lerhh..lols..yesterday nite i send comments to inkkie askin her to make her frenzster comments to 6k..den she say u make urs 40 larhh..den i say okay no got 39 liao lorr..but she onli got like 5600++ like tat nia..nid 400 more comments to reach 6k mornin my msn got problem onli can chat wif inkkie and yong hao nia..i chat wif marianne da msg kenot send worr..zzz..sienzz lorr like tat..lucky now can work liao..i summore though my comp kena virus gonna liao..hahas..den chat wif my mui mui[sue may]..i told her very da sien lerhh..den she say..sien den go see my blog lorr..den i of click five pictures taken at da concert lerhh..she pure click five fan for ur wif iain too bout maple..swt..sure u guys say lmao me and iain rite for playin maple..but i think its cute lerhh..2d character walkin around killin monsters..zzz..hahas..sunway today extra alot of ppl..zzz..cramp like shit..haiz..tmr sunday goin out to sunway to watch kung fu panda wif tuitions fren..zzz..again nid use u guys..

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday At School Is Fun..

Today was friday..i went to school in da mornin to teman hui xian mui mui..and jun wai..den we was wonderin around da school doin dunno wat..den we went to eat..and walk around skul..den after tat bout 12++ kevin came..hui xian den ask him for coins like few minutes later after he came..den we called marianne and nicole..we were bullshitin on da 2 prefects and 1 guy wanna use da fon watchin us crappin on da fon..they waited and waited finally left like 30 seconds left to toke den hui xian was like told marianne they all..okay larh we hang 1st got ppl wanna use..den she hang and say sori to da prefects..and we chaos to da round table to wait for da others..on da fon marianne they all say comin at 12++ da end..came at 1++ lerhh..waited like shit lerhh..but its was okay actually..before they came..daniel thong got bully by being shot by bubble tea pearls..he got shot more den 15++ pearls..1 more shot kena directly at daniels spot there liao..zzz..they came finally[marianne and nicole]..den we walk around again..we bought bubble tea..and chat at 2 ixora class..den we walk around da skul and chat until da bell rang..zzz..wat a day..lazy type lerhh..wanna noe more bout today came ask me lerr harh..okay guys..gud nite u guys..

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cool Recess..

Today..recess tat fong..julian and edward went to Pn.Julie to complain to change science teacher..den..when we went there..edward chicken out and run down stairs we went in and told Pn.Julie bout our class wan to change science teacher..den she say we cant simply change teachers like tat we say okay lorr..not complete story yet..mum wanna use da comp liao..nid off haven finish yet..zzz..complete next time yea..